Beth's big band night | Under the Bridge, Chelsea

Bat Mitzvah

A Message From PTP

My daughter's Batmitzvah nearly 2 weeks ago. A time of fun, family and friends and the FUNKIEST live band ever assembled for one night only. I'm going to let the pictures, and the musical slideshow do the talking.

A million thanks to my gorgeous brilliant wife Louise for organising so much of the party, to my team for getting the photos and my cinematography partners for the filming. And to all the event profs who pulled it together on the night... especially Brett, Benjy and Moni for making Beth's professional dreams come true.

PS. The first music track on the slideshow below is the LIVE audio on the night of B-Live performing the Average White Band's "Pick up the Pieces" - true instrumental funk imho - with sporadic vocals from the legendary Otto Williams.

Venue - Under the Bridge, Chelsea

Catering - in-house

Band - B-Live

Photography - Annabel, Jen, Tom, Nina, Dan & Alberto from Paul Toeman Photographers

Cinematography - Denis & David from Denee Mitzvahs

Casino tables - Take a Gamble

Design & production - Invitation London

Ice cream - Lick Me I'm Delicious

Photobooth - Jason & Paddy from Pictures are Power (Fantasy Imaging)

Magic - Nick Einhorn

Beth's Batty | Funktime in Chelsea from Paul Toeman Photographers on Vimeo.

Beth's Bat Mitzvah | Under The Bridge London from Max from Denee Motion on Vimeo.