Investec Build a Brand Conference | Corporate preview

A Message From PTP

A few shots from yesterday's corporate conference held by my long-standing client Investec up near Oxford. This time the theme was suporting the asset finance entrepreneurs who invest in Investec on behalf of their own clients on how to build and market their own brands. I obviously found this extremely interesting - and with a great panel of speakers the whole day was very worthwhile for everyone who attended. The dinner after was lively and their compere Jonny Gould was great fun!

The speakers were as follows:

Mike Francis from Investec's Asset Finance team

Phillip Shaw, Investec's Chief Economist

Raymond van Niekerk, Investec's Global Head of Marketing

William Kendall, the founder of Covent Garden soups and Black & Green organic chocolate

Andrew McMillan, 20 years at John Lewis Partnership in charge of customer service