The Love Story | the "Day After" chapter


A Message From PTP

Every wedding we shoot has the opportunity to become even more special to the bride & groom. The day itself will always be what they dreamt of and hoped for. And it's our job to re-tell the story of that magical day.

Sometimes there's time to get gorgeous relaxed shots of the bride & groom on the day. However sometimes there isn't. That's why we've started to offer the "Day After" shoot. This is because photography has a much bigger role to play than just giving the wedding couple the wedding pictures they expect. We also want to give them the images they didn't expect, those moments together as a couple outside of the wedding day whirlwind that can often mean more to them as a couple starting out together.

The "Day After" shoot has become really popular in the last few years - but often as a way of "shooting the dress" or even "trashing the dress". I'm relaxed about whether my brides want to put the dress back on and get it dirty, running in and out of the sea! That's up to them. I just want to give them the opportunity to be intimate and relaxed as a couple, away from the craziness of the actual wedding day. Here are some great reasons why the "Day After" shoot is proving such a hit -

1. No stress – The wedding is over.  There aren’t roomfuls of guests wondering if you are ever returning.  You can focus on each other and not be distracted by anyone else. It’s okay to walk through that gorgeous field or beach and not worry about getting the bottom of the dress dirty if you want to wear it again.

2. If the weather is not so great on the wedding day, no worries, you can still get those shots you’ve been dying for.

3. Sometimes things happen on the wedding day and you just don’t have the time for those intimate portraits.

4. Your photographer can really get creative and try some new techniques they have been desperate to test out; like running on the beach, different posing, or even some underwater shots!

5. If you want, put that dress back into good use!  You've paid a fortune for a dress you're only going to wear once? Hell no, get your money’s worth!

Some of the images above give you an idea of how we use the "Day After" concept as part of our International weddings service. Now we're keen to offer this extra, optional shoot to UK wedding clients too! Please let us know if you'd like to add this to the PTP package you've bought for your wedding. Click here to get in touch to discuss prices & availability - contact us.