Rachel & Saul | Wedding preview

A Message From PTP

Getting married at The Dorchester implies a certain elegance, tradition and style about how you want your wedding to be planned and conceived. It's then our job to overlay the personalities of everyone there and the spirit of the occasion on top.

When I first met Rachel's parents it was clear that this fusion of traditional and personal was what they were after. Rachel was still in the process of finishing her optometry degree at Manchester university, and Saul had just qualified as a trainee accountant. So it was important for me to quickly capture their characters in the images - which was helped with a quick pre-wedding photo shoot in Hyde Park from which we made a guest signing book for the big day. Since they were at the time "shomer negiya" this meant I had to take pictures of them before the wedding that were fun and intimate but didn't show them touching each other in any way. This tradition of not touching until marriage is still very popular amongst the more orthodox Jewish community.

On the day, Jen met up with Saul and his parents at home whilst I was with Rachel and her 3 sisters and parents at their family home. Apart from a brief shower just as we were leaving hte weather held all day and night allowing us to get more shots back in yde Park after the Chuppah ceremony in the grand ballroom. Neshama played traditional Israeli dacning with a "mahitsa" separating men and women on the dance floor most of the night.

And to add that final personal touch, Rachel wanted some late-night iconic London shots with Saul in a cab once the guests had gone home - so Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge were our destinations. These last images brought to an end a wonderful day full of love, tradition, respect and modernity - and through it all were Rachel & Saul's magnificently beaming smiley faces enjoying every minute!

Rachel & Saul from Paul Toeman Photographers on Vimeo.