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A Message From PTP

It wasn’t so long ago that Ariella & Marcus were walking back up the aisle ready to start their married life together at their beautiful sunny wedding in September 2019. So naturally we were delighted to welcome 9-week old baby Delilah into the studio for their first family photographic experience. Lynn was especially happy to see them again as she photographed their wedding! Delilah was the perfect baby throughout - no grumbling or grizzling, super serene and not fazed by the lights or the camera. She must get it from her handsome Dad and beautiful Mummy who as you can see are very natural and relaxed when being photographed. When we were discovering what it’s meant to them to become new parents, Ariella described how passionate and driven Marcus has been from the very start to make sure everything was just right for Ariella and Delilah, and how she loved it when he rubbed noses with his baby girl to keep her calm; Marcus admitted that he adored how Ariella had taken to motherhood so easily and naturally, and that he felt she had been born for the role of being a Mum. We finished their experience making sure that Marcus’ Grandfather had a very special photo present for his birthday coming up soon!