Chloe + Jordi + Heidi

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A Message From PTP

3 years since their epic wedding at the Savoy, and it was sheer delight to be with Chloe & Jordi to welcome Heidi into their family. Jordi is so impressed with how awesome a Mum Chloe is and how she has embraced a new lifestyle which requires tons of patience - especially when a good night's sleep can be a rarity! Chloe always knew Jordi was going to be an awesome Dad - thats why she married him! And she loves the way that he cant wait to see Heidi as soon as he's back from work, giving her a kiss often before he says hallo to Chloe! And Jordi loves how as soon as he opens the door once he's home, he can hear Heidi tapping her little feet with excitement in her high chair - she cant wait to see her Daddy!