Emma & Josh | North Mymms Park

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

Emma & Josh are part of a crowd of caring, crazy, passionate friends who are all there for each other, all the time. They have grown up together, helped each other through the rough times, celebrated with each other in the good times. And being with this crowd always makes everything feel amazing - I've know many of them for many years, and I'm lucky enough to have photographed so many of them over the years, countless times. So when it was Emma & Josh's turn I knew we were in for a treat. During these difficult last few years, especially without Josh's father to be a part of the celebration, Josh's family has shown a degree of strength, togetherness and level-headedness that has been truly inspiring. It gave the whole wedding day even more emotional importance, and the ceremony & party meant more than they could have imagines. They had done it - organised a wedding during a global pandemic and without David there to be with them, and came out the stronger, the happier, more in love and more loved than many of us ever get to experience on our own lives. Here's to you 2, and your families - mazeltov!