Jamie & Joel | Borough Market

Forever Session

A Message From PTP

Sometimes, the sheer power of love is enough to make me see a couple who were destined to be together. No extra trappings necessary - just the way they are together when doing "real" stuff. Although Jamie & Joel have been together for just over 2years, the were they were with each other yesterday as we strolled through Borough Market, Blackfriars Bridge and along the river Thames brought it to home to me that wherever they live - New York City, London, wherever - they will always be home if they can just be together. There were so many laughs, smiles, reminisces about what makes them who they are as individuals and as a couple, And with fresh fish & chips, blurred red London buses and black London cabs, fresh fruit & veg on market stalls and lots of kissing & hugs, this couple needed no extra encouragement to seize the joy of being in London a few days ahead of their big wedding day next Thursday. Keep being you J&J - the world needs you right now!