Jodie & Adam | Corinthia Hotel

Jewish Wedding

A Message From PTP

Years after originally wanting a wedding in the Marbella sunshine, Jodie & Adam smashed it in central London last week with a totally banging ceremony & party! This couple deserve all the love in the world. Hard-working, putting others before themselves - I mean can anyone be more caring than Jodie? - and determined to embrace everything life has to offer. We absolutely adore them and can’t wait to be in their lives forever. Jodie’s dogs from work, Adam’s clients needing new headshots for work - we can help them help others. Forever!

Client Testimonial

Paul honestly you are our hero!! Walking, talking legend!! The gym stuff is iconic and so us! You’re so right, we will cherish every moment with you and all our guests for the rest of our lives!! Thank you for all your lovely, kind wishes and we can’t wait for the rest of our lives PG and to get back in your studio with delish Almond frothy coffees to boot)) !!! You are brilliant - You’re stuck with us for life now- (can visualise you with your head in your hands as you sip your morning oat milk latte)

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